A Philanthropy Policy was established by the Board in 2010 to give Mid-Valley Quilt Guild a method for making cash donations/grants to non-profits that “create, stimulate and encourage an interest in all aspects pertaining to the making, collecting, tradition, history and preservation of quilts for future generations.”
Source of the funds is the profit from the bi-annual Giving Project sales. Monies, in the form of grants are donated over a two year period, giving those qualifying organizations up to $500 per year, depending upon available funds.
A total of $906 was distributed in 2016 to the following:

Latimer Quilt & Textile Center received $500. Alongside their museum is a climate controlled repository. Here they house around 400 quilts dating from 1700's to present day. Their collection also includes some 300 textiles, from household items to vintage clothing.
When they receive any wool items they go into a freezer for 6 weeks to kill any mites or bugs. Several weeks before we sent out the grant request letters their freezer quit. This grant helped them replace that freezer.

Polk County Fair received $306 for new hangers to hang quilts for display at Fair awards for the youth in both open class & 4-H.

Oregon 4-H received $100 to purchase medallions for 4-H State Fair for the Fiber Arts division.

The Philanthropy Committee is soliciting the names of 501 (c) 3 non-profits who 
might be interested in applying for our grants. We are asking members to recommend any group that might be added to our mailing list. Please provide the name, address and contact person and submit it to Arlene Dalton, Committee Chair at arlenedalton@gmail.com.

Philanthropic Giving Project 2017
There’s something for every level of sewing for next year’s quilt show! Please help by making market bags/totes, clothes covers (bibs for adults, Alzheimer and dementia patients, etc.), candle mats, mug mats, and mug rugs, for our Philanthropic Giving Project. Choose one of the patterns below if you need one, use one of your own, or find a free pattern online. Your orphaned blocks will be good to make any of our projects.
Thanks in advance for your support of this project.

Class Bib                                           Four Squares Mug Mat                          Market Bag 1                           
Large Bib                                           Heart Glow Mat 
                                    Market Bag 2
Michele Bilyeu Bib                             Rainbow Burst Mat                                Reusable Market Bag
                                                                                                                         Market Fresh Tote

Click here to access the MVQG Philanthropy Policy