It is Winder Olympics time again. Whether you are interested in the Olympics or not, it is exciting to see individuals each in their own venue become a part of a team that represents the entire USA as well as many other countries. Even as a team, each member is only one person but each person becomes a part of a much larger group. Each member is a very important part of the Mid-Valley Quilt Guild.

As with the Olympics, it is wonderful that our Guild has members with an array of talents, interests, ideas, needs, likes and dislikes and we are all willing to be a part of the Guild. We have a wonderful opportunity to benefit from others talents, friendships and experiences.

With a lot of teamwork, our Guild accomplishes many projects and activities during the year. Quilt College is coming up in April, so think about volunteering if possible but also check out the wide variety of classes being offered by our guild members teaching at only $10.00 a class (a real bargain nowadays).

In addition, we are in the process of already planning for the 2019 Quilt Show. Our theme and Raffle Quilt pattern have been selected by you (the Membership) but there are still many more volunteer opportunities to step up and help in the area that you might enjoy helping.

Remember, the guild is kept running smoothly on the service and help of all of our volunteers-- all 270+ members. 

Cathie Head, AM President