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“We learn something new from every completed quilt!” This quote is so true for me. I’ve been working on a quilt with Fall leaf colors. Half way through the piecing process, I decided to pre-wash just the blocks that had a dark or- ange fabric in it... just in case the orange might bleed. To my disappointment, it did bleed. Ugh! I’m aware that reds bleed, but I didn’t really think orange would. I thought I was just being overly cautious by washing some already sewn to- gether blocks. So, my quilting friends, I recommend to prewash your oranges too. I almost threw that partially-sewn quilt top out because the orange bled onto a few other fabrics. After a week of thinking about it, I ended up deciding to continue sewing it by switching out the blocks that had orange in them and used a gold colored fabric instead. (I’m glad Fall has so many leaf colors to choose from!) All in all, I learned something new about orange fabric, and you would never know that I switched it out for gold. The top is complete.

We had a great turnout at our August meeting both from in person members & guests, and also from those who joined us via Zoom. Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible. It shows that we’re coming together as a quilting community to continue to make activities happen. Which reminds me of something I recently read in a book about the Oregon Trail. During the mid-1800’s women shared their one and only darning needle amongst each other. Typically, a youngster would take the one and only needle around to each household, the women in that house would use it for their mending, then he would take it to the next household, and so on. This task for the youngster was all done “on foot” covering miles of territory. Again, it took a community work- ing together to make it happen!

Be sure and enjoy sewing your quilting projects this Fall.

Karen Gooley, PM President