Hello Quilters,

Wow! This seems so strange...writing the last
president’s message that I will be responsible for. Looking back, I am happy with what we have accomplished during my time in this office.  It is truly a pleasure to be part of our group.  I have enjoyed meeting new members and working with members who have way more longevity than myself.  I appreciate the help and guidance of those long time members...and the spontaneity and influence of the younger ones.  I have learned so much by being an active part of the Guild. more regular meeting and then the annual nighttime meeting in July.  We have a great core group of worker bees and a smaller bunch of "newbees" who have jumped in with both feet and are making a splash.  It
makes the work so much easier.  Thank you all, for this.

I know we have ongoing challenges with recruiting volunteers, staffing our standing chairs and with the discussion of decreasing memberships and equality of meeting utilization of speakers, etc. but these have evolving and will continue to do so.. The solution can only be found if we continue to discuss and contribute our opinions and advice and do the best we can to advance the Guild and our goals of promoting and continuing our quilting legacy.  We can do this!  I feel like I'm preaching to the choir.  I know this is an integral part of what most of us want out of our membership. 
That said, I look forward to June's speaker.  There are a few more spaces if can attend the workshop on Thursday.

Laurie Nielsen, AM President