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It’s June already and I’m wondering where the last 2 years have gone. This is my last “Musings” as your AM President because my term has come to an end. I have learned so much about our Guild in the last 5 years that I’ve served on the Board in various positions, and I can say quite genuinely that this Guild is full of amazing, talented, and generous members. I want to thank each and every one of you for your help and support, especially during these past 2 years. The pandemic was difficult for us all, but it made us stronger. We learned a new way to connect and stay connected (Zoom), and we learned how resilient we all are as we adapted our meetings, our Quilt Show, and our Quilt Camp to accommodate the guidelines in effect at any given time.

When I started my two-year term as President, I had some ideas about what I’d like to see enhanced at our Guild. First, I wanted to increase member participation whether it was at fun events, in small groups, meeting attendance, workshop participation, or by volunteering on various committees. And second, I wanted our Guild to be friendlier and more welcoming to new members.

We did get one fun group “road trip” in to the Mt Hood Quilt Guild’s Quilt Show in Gresham before the pan- demic hit. We had two workshops – one with Tonya Alexander and the other Suzi Parron – before the end of 2019, with good participation in both. But in 2020, with the Covid-19 guidelines for staying at home and socially distancing, my increased participation idea looked a whole lot different than I had imagined: fantastic participation in Project Facemask, spearheaded by Michelle Litke. Speakers were not traveling at this time, and our programs via Zoom took an attendance hit as not everyone embraced our new technology.
As for the friendlier, more welcoming Guild, Jan Castle led this effort to greet everyone cheerfully when they came in, and other members followed her example. So, kudos to her and to all those members who made the extra effort to welcome everyone at our meetings.

While many Guilds were not meeting during the pandemic, I’m happy to say that our Guild forged on ahead, with modified meetings. We had limited space for in-person meetings, we had Zoom meetings, and we had hybrid meetings utilizing a combination of the two. Erin Haugh worked hard to arrange programs to be held virtually for us all, and this month we will even host our very first Zoom workshop with Gloria Stickney. I’ve done a couple of Zoom workshops already, and they’re actually very convenient and pretty fun. I hope you’ll give it a try – I’d love to see you in the virtual classroom – and I think you’ll enjoy it.

I hope I was able to make a difference for our Guild in some small way. If I did, it was because of the help and guidance of members more senior than me. I’m so proud to have served as your AM President, and I know you’ll be in great hands with Eileen White taking over the morning helm and with Karen Gooley remaining as you evening President.

I’ll see you all at the meetings in a less official position after July, and we’ll have to have a good chat!

Yours in quilting,

Marsha Eibert, AM President