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Comfort Quilts and Pillowcases
One community service supported by the Mid-Valley Quilt Guild is the creation and distribution of Comfort Quilts to various agencies and institutions throughout the Willamette Valley. Traditionally, guild members contribute a comfort quilt in the month of their birthday; many guild members contribute additional quilts throughout the year.

Bolt-to-Bed is a day long quilting party in lieu of the usual meetings.  Many attendees begin their quilt contribution using one of the kits available, both at Bolt to Bed and all year long.  We strongly urge all members to make and donate at least one quilt a year for charitable contribution.  We give to a number of non-profit groups and are always open to new suggestions.

Your Help is Needed
Quilters willing to quilt and bind tops that are turned in. Many are small enough to be easily quilted on home machines. The committee can supply batting.

Occasionally, we receive quilts that could be used to generate funds. If you know of a charitable organization that is having a fundraiser and could use a quilt as a raffle item, please let the Community Service committee know.

Donations to Community Service
From July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 we donated 469 quilts, 230 fidget quilts, 109 pillowcases and 62 heart pillows! Those items went to these 26 different agencies, individuals, and/or facilities: Battle Creek Memory Care, Brookdale Memory Care, Center of Hope and Safety, Doernbecker Children’s Hospital, Enlivant Senior Living, Family Building Block, Gospel Mission, Hope Pregnancy Clinic, Hope Pregnancy Clinic in Pinehurst ID, Liberty House, Lifeskills @ Aumsville Elementary, North Ridge Senior Living, NW Senior & Disability Services, Quilts for Cops, Salem for Refugees, Salem Hospital, Salem/Keizer Schools, Sandpiper Project, Serenity Hospice, Shangri-La, Traditions Health, Vineyard Park at Bothell Landing, Willamette Heritage Center, Willamette Vital Health, Windsong Memory Care, and a member’s friend, for family members.

What kind of quilt should I make?

All kinds! Donated quilts are given to babies, children, teens, women and men.

Fidget Quilts for Alzheimer's or dementia patients.  

Receiving Blankets

Receiving Blankets for Hope Pregnancy Clinic - A new donation opportunity from the Comfort Quilt Program! Especially for those who have an over abundance of flannel! 🤩 Recommended sizes are 30” to 40” square. The 100% cotton flannel may be hemmed or serged. If you prefer making self binding blankets that is another option. For each blanket made, you will receive 1 ticket for the yearly drawing.

Here is a link to a simple hemmed receiving blanket:

What size quilt should I make?
Quilts are generally twin-sized or smaller. Honestly, however, we can find a home for almost any size quilt you want to make. If you come by a larger top, perhaps it can be re-sized into two quilts.

Some Standard Sizes:
Preemie: 24x24", 18x18"
Baby: 36x36, 52x52
Toddler: 42x60, 48x60
Wheelchair: 38x47
Twin: 64x72
Patriotic Quilts: at least 52x68

Can I donate a used quilt?
Sorry, but no. Quilts must be new and clean.

Quilted or tied?
Very few agencies can take tied quilts, so we are not asking for donations of tied quilts at this time.  Please machine or hand quilt all quilts for donation.

Where do I get those cool MVQG labels?
The labels are always available at the guild meetings.

Do you only need children's pillowcases?
We can use them for children, teens and adults.