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“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” (John C. Maxwell)

Change is all around us – in the weather, the seasons, nature, and especially in our own lives and relationships. We can’t always control what happens, but we can control our reactions to it. As we start a new membership year in the Guild, change means new members, new officers, and new ways of thinking about how our organization can continue to grow. Sometimes that means new ways of doing things – and sometimes it means coming full-circle back to our origins. As we begin the 2022-23 membership year, Tami Llewellyn joins me as PM President on the MVQG Board of Directors, moving from her 2-year term as Treasurer. We are both passionate about building up the quilting community and creating a collaborative and supportive Guild for members, regardless of which meeting they attend or if they join us by Zoom. To that end, we’ve proposed to serve together as Co-Presidents, taking turns leading the morning and evening meetings so we can get to know all members. While this seemed to be a change in Guild practices, it turns out that we are just getting back to our roots! According to our Guild Historian, Mary Jo Emmett, Co-Presidents served beginning in 1994, and with the exception of some solo Presidents, continued until AM and PM Presidents were established in 2004. You will also see some changes in how our membership meetings are organized. The combined AM/PM Annual Meeting on July 27 was so well received that we decided to restructure the program and business meeting agendas and include more opportunities for member interaction and just plain fun. Of course, this also takes us back to the Guild roots. We are carrying on the legacy of 44 years of our quilting community and choosing to grow with the inevitable change. Growth requires a choice by each of us. It involves taking risks, asking why, and acknowledging a need for sometimes doing things differently than what we’ve always done. Tami and I, along with the other officers and program chairs that comprise the MVQG Board of Directors, will participate in a day-long retreat on September 24. We will work together to embrace the changes that surround and permeate our Guild and map a new path of growth, respecting and building on the work of others who have led before us. Your voices are important as well, so please feel free to reach out to me, Tami, or any of the Board members (the list is in the Directory) and share your thoughts about our Guild. We are in this together.

Eileen White, Co-President