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My 2022 quilting goals are to buy more fabric, sew more projects, and do less housework! There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, right! I want to make four quilts this year from start to finish, and I have a person in mind to gift each of those to. It’s good to have quilting goals, but it’s important not to stress about it either. Life just seems to happen right in the middle of a project! All in all, we’ve had a successful year at the Guild these past 12 months. I appreciate your patience as we continue to work through issues that the pandemic presents such as event, speaker and workshop cancellations. I only have a few months left in my term as being your PM President. We have approximately 40 new members, and nominations will be coming up soon. Please consider getting more involved by becoming an officer or committee chairperson. There will be more information in the newsletter about this process. Our biggest event of the year will be our May 2022 Quilt Show. Please stay up-to-date on everything that goes on with our show. Information will be provided in every newsletter and during the business portion at every monthly meeting. You won’t want to miss a thing.

Karen Gooley, PM President