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Fill up your cup

Our Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual and Spiri- tual needs should be the focus for the New Year. The word “self-care” is often used. We get busy and don’t give much thought to how “self-care” can be attended to each day. Finding activities to nourish your mind, body and spirit are important for our well-being.
In an Article by Jennifer Sluzewcki from Intoxicating Beauty, most of us are skilled experts at tending to our loved ones without extending the same love and care to ourselves.
January gives us time to renew and change, reflect and move forward.
Physical self-care activities might include taking a walk when your energy level is low. Make doctor or dental appointments that you have put off. Monitor your medication and add foods to your diet that will benefit your healthy body.
Social self-care reminds us we are not meant to live in isolation. Our Guild gives us a chance to get together with like-minded people to do what we love. You could call a friend and reconnect. Make a date with a special someone for dessert or dinner.
Intellectual self-care helps us practice mindfulness. This is our ability to be fully present and aware of where we are and what we have planned for ourselves.  We can be in the moment and not overly reactive or overwhelmed with what might be. We can stimulate our mind by doing a puzzle, learning a new quilting technique or skill. You can choose positive thoughts that build you or someone you know up.
Spiritual self-care might involve a new yoga class or returning to your morning walking routine among the tress or near the water. Reflect on what is good in your life and give energy to what you CAN do. Give yourself permission to let go of negative people or situations that you cannot control. Emotional self-care reminds us to journal our thoughts and the emotions we have around those thoughts. Set boundaries that promote your safety and well-being. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings without judgement. Take a break when you need it. Practice gratitude. This can be written in a journal or on a calendar.

We don’t feel like we can slow down with so much to do in our busy lives, but by taking time for ourselves we can gain strength and energy to do hard things. If we take a step back and show up for ourselves, we will gain happiness and inner peace to continue moving forward. We are worth it.
What will be your first finished quilt in 2023? Will you finish your oldest work in progress? Will you show grace to others and to yourself? Fill someone’s cup, but don’t forget to fill your own. You are enough.

Tami Llewellyn, Co-President