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You Showed Up!

I begged you to help with the quilt show. Each month I said we needed more and then you showed up. You showed up with a strong back or a smile. You showed up with kindness and generosity. You showed up to make our quilt show amazing. You did things you saw that needed to be done and you did things asked of you. Some things you were asked to do were not the things you signed up for, but you were willing to do whatever was needed in the moment! I appreciate you.

It takes a village to complete a project as big as a quilt show. I am honored to be part of a community that takes pride in their commitment to others. WE put on a show where many people worked towards a common goal of bringing The Art of Quilting to others. When you work hard to reach a goal and hold your breath that it will all come together, you are relieved to have it finished, but I am also a tad bit sad. The letdown after the big event brought on a headache, a cold sore and hours of sleeping that had been pushed away. I would not have it any other way. I am rested now and ready for the next big project that supports our community and hope you are as well.

Tami Llewellyn, Co-President